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Log Benches 

Cedar Log Bench
Northern White Cedar
Log High Back Bench
This log high back bench is made with durable Northern White Cedar wood. This bench looks great in any setting and will turn a silver grey as it ages.
46"L  x  34"H, 50lbs
Price $199.00......Order
Ship $39

Cedar Log Bench
Northern White Cedar
Log Teaset Bench
This log bench is made with long lasting Northern White Cedar wood. This unique bench is a great compliment to any outdoor setting .
61"L x 26"D x 34"H, 70lbs
Price $299.00......Order
Ship $49
Cedar Log Checking
Cedar Log Furniture Checking
Cracks in cedar logs are called “checking” and are a normal aging process in cedar.  It is usually most noticeable on edges and drilled holes, where there is more exposed surface area and drying. Checking does not affect the strength of the log furniture. Checking adds uniqueness and character to the natural rustic beauty of log furniture.