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Cumaru (Brazilian Teak) Lumber Profile
The rain forests of South American countries like Brazil, Peru and Costa Rica are rich with Cumaru trees.  Our supply of Cumaru wood comes from responsibly managed forests that renew the valuable resource.  The tree can reach heights of 120' feet tall and up to 5' wide.  There are several names for Cumaru such as, Brazilian Teak, Brazilian Chestnut, Dipteryx Odorata, Tonka and Tonquin Bean.
25 Plus Year Lifespan Without Treatment
Cumara is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attack.  The 25 year plus rating is the highest rating the US Forestry Department gives a wood otherwise it would be greater.  It compares favorably to Ipe in performance, yet it is around 20 percent less. 
The color of Cumaru is golden honey tan to reddish brown with some dark grain accents.  The color will become more uniform with each year of sun exposure.  The grain texture is very fine and the pattern is interlocked.  To maintain the beautiful appearance we recommend the use of a transparent oil based protective finish such as Messmers
Other Wood Profiles:
Performance of Cumaru
Wood Classification------------------Hardwood
Outdoor durability(without paint)---Superior
Screw /nail holding capacity---------Excellent
Resistance to indentation------------Superior
Heaviness(dry weight)----------------Heavy
Board strength(bending)--------------High
Paint holding capacity-----------------Poor
Freedom from shrinkage--------------High
Freedom from warping----------------High
Freedom from resin--------------------High
Color when new----------Golden to Reddish Brown
Color weathered------------------------Gray

Wood Sample Kits
Since we have so many different woods for our Adirondack chairs we thought it would be a good idea to make it possible for people to actually see them before making a purchasing decision. 
Kit includes:
Redwood, Mahogany
Poplar, White Oak
Ipe, Red Western Cedar
Cypress, Cumaru
Price $9.95....Order
(Includes Shipping)