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Douglas Fir Lumber Profile
The Douglas Fir is a fast growing needled evergreen tree native to Alaska down through the western US into Mexico.  It can reach heights of 200 feet tall and 30 to 60 feet wide.  The largest forests are found in the state of Oregon along the coast.  Currently, the Douglas Fir is North America's most plentiful softwood tree species representing 20 percent of the total softwood reserves.  This number should remain true for many decades to come given the strict replanting laws that govern the Oregon forest industry.  The state does this for good reason because Douglas Fir is unmatched as a lumber producing tree.
True, the Douglas Fir produces more lumber than any other single tree species in the US, but there are good reasons why.  We have discussed the abundant supply thanks to the strict laws that govern replanting, but it also has the following outstanding structural characteristics as well.  It has a superior strength-to-weight ratio, excellent nail holding capacity, weathers reasonably well, has high bending strength and is the hardest of all softwoods.   You can use it green or seasoned, since it is naturally dimensionally stable.  The wood has exceptional aesthetic attributes such as a light rosy red to yellowish brown color that will redden over time when exposed to light and a straight handsome grain pattern with a dense texture.  This is a strong list of reasons why Douglas Fir is a top lumber choice and why it will remain one.
We use a high grade of Douglas Fir that is graded "Appearance Lumber".  Unlike structural graded lumber, this lumber is milled and graded according to aesthetic appeal rather than structural performance criteria.  Color, grain pattern, texture, knot type and size are what determine the grade.  The highest grades are not even stamped as to avoid marring the beauty of the wood.  There are no marks on the grade we use.  This high grade of wood costs us more, but we want to use what we feel is the best choice for making top quality Adirondack furniture. 
Douglas Fir ranks right up there with the best when it comes to wood for making outdoor furniture.  It is a naturally dimensionally stable wood so shrinking, warping, checking and splitting is minimal.  The structural qualities are second to none.  As an added bonus the wood will redden in color over time with exposure to light.  Neither paint nor a stain is required since it is a moderately durable wood that will age gracefully without any stain or paint.
Overall Opinion:
Douglas Fir has superior structural strength and the color and the grain pattern are nice.  The higher grade we use has no knots of any size, nice color and pretty grain.  Simply put, Douglas Fir makes nice looking outdoor furniture that is durable, strong and will hold together over time.  You will be more than pleased with our painted Douglas Fir Adirondack chairs, tables and ottomans.
Other Wood Profiles:
Performance of Douglas Fir
  Wood Classification-----------------Softwood
  Outdoor durability(without paint)----Good
  Screw /nail holding capacity----------High
  Resistance to indentation--------Intermediate
  Heaviness(dry weight)-------------Moderate
  Board strength(bending)-------------High
  Paint holding capacity----------------Good
  Freedom from shrinkage-------------High
  Freedom from warping---------------High
  Freedom from resin-------------------High
  Color when new------------Rosy Yellowish Brown
  Color weathered----------------------Gray
  Price---------------------------Moderate to High

Wood Sample Kits
Since we have so many different woods for our Adirondack chairs we thought it would be a good idea to make it possible for people to actually see them before making a purchasing decision. 
Kit includes:
Redwood, Mahogany
Poplar, White Oak
Ipe, Red Western Cedar
Cypress, Cumura
Price $9.95....Order
(Includes Shipping)

Douglas Fir Wood

Douglas Fir Tree