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Westport Adirondack Chairs

Westport Adirondack Chairs
Westport Adirondack Chairs
An Historical American Adirondack Chair
Documented Adirondack chair history has the first Westport Adirondack chair being built in the state of New York in 1903.  The chair was named the "Westport Plank chair" and was made and sold for over twenty years.  We never had built the old historic chair until we were asked if we could do a special order by a customer.  Because the finished chairs turned out to be surprisingly comfortable as well as extremely sturdy we decided to offer everyone our version of the historic Westport chair.  We build it with Mahogany or Cypress woods using extra large two inch thick boards for the back legs and one and a half inch for the front legs, everything else is made with one inch thick boards.  We designed the seat with five slat boards for better water drainage rather than using only two like the original.  Our 9 1/4" inch wide arms and beautiful solid one piece back are made just like the original Westport.  This is a very unique and beautiful chair as well as a neat replication of American history. 
May Need Extra Time To Build Your Westport Chairs Due To The Availability Of The Wide Board Needed For The Chair Back
Call Us For Details: 1-888-530-3344
Dimensions and weight:
Seat depth 20 1/2"         Seat width 22"
Back height 44 1/2"         Arm width 9 1/4"  
Chair weights 65 to 75 pounds
Natural Protective Wood Finish
Add $39.00
Shipping & Handling
$59.00 Per Chair(Ships in two boxes)
Westport Adirondack Chair Seat

Westport Adirondack Chair

Westport Adirondack Chairs

Westport Adirondack Chair Mahogany Back Board

Cypress Westport Adirondack Chairs
Customer Testimonial

CJs chairs cross the ocean... and reach Switzerland!!!
Dear CJ, it has been a long wait, but finally last evening when I went home after work, I founded six big boxes: your chairs have finally arrived. The emotion has been high when I opened the first box, and I felt proud to become one happy owner of your fantastic Westport chairs.
Once again let me thank you for your collaboration and for your help, and let me express you my admiration for the quality of your work: you did great!
Now I have some assembling to do, and as soon as I can, I sure will take some pictures to send you.
Once again, let me thank you. Greetings...

Chairs Are Amazing
Wanted to let you know that our Westport chairs are assembled and that Alex and I spent some comfortable moments, on a snowy day, testing them in the basement!  Scenery wasn't good but we love the chairs.
Please add us to your list for two additional chairs in the spring.
Thanks again,
Don and Olive

Dear CJ,
I just had to drop you this note to thank you for the fine product you have in the Westport chairs.  As soon as we unpacked the first chair, my son Mark, who is a stickler for specifications, said, "by golly those legs are a full 2 inches and the arms and seat boards are a full inch" He then lifted the seat assembly and just grinned.  He knew he had a quality chair.
I did all the assembly and finishing, and it was a pleasure to work with your chairs.  After restoring this old house that we live in and working with the stuff that was built almost 100 years ago and seeing the care and craftsmanship that went into it, I had a special interest in your chairs.  I couldn't help but notice some of the little things, like softening the sharp edges, the galvanized hardware, the simplicity of design, that made the assembly so easy, and the selection of a hardwood that will certainly add to the life of the chairs.
I have enclosed a couple photos with the chairs on the front porch.  Once again, thank you for a fine product (they're hard to find these days).  By the way, I got so carried away talking about the quality of the chairs that I forgot another very important feature.  They are very, very comfortable.
Bob                St Paul, MN
ps: I see by the clock it's about time to take an afternoon nap.  I'll just sit on the front porch on my new chair, close my eyes, and see what happens.
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